rent furnished

Is this your first home away from home?
Are you only in Brisbane for a a year or two and don't want to be bothered finding furniture?
Are you tired of dragging furniture around from building to building?
Are you just tired of your furniture!

Our furnished apartments are nicely fitted out to suit most tastes. You have very little to buy to get started. This way you don't have to outlay a big sum of money to fit out the apartment with furniture, TV, white goods like washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators or buy kitchen equipment. It all comes ready installed.

Also, when you leave, you don't have a pile of furniture to sell, relocate or dispose of. You can just close the door and walk away.

To find out more about using us for furnished rental apartments either contact the building management (see here for contact info) or email our resident building manager

digitalize your apartment

If you are moving into our furnished apartments, why not do it in style?

Our building is wired for Foxtel